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Diamond drill set Dell tools VB N6

Diamond drill set Dell tools VB N6

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These diamond tile drills are suitable for drilling in granite, stone slabs, porcelain stoneware, ceramics and tiles.

-Hollow body filled with special cooling wax (paraffin).
-Dry drill
-Hexagonal holder for cordless screwdrivers and drills with jaw chuck

For drilling clean holes PREMIUM QUALITY + DURABLE

Tip: If the tile drill is placed at an angle, you can easily work without a drilling aid. This also increases durability.

Technical data
Quantity in set, pcs
Diameter x useful length, mm
5×68, 6×68, 8×80, 10×80, 12×80, 14×80
Hexagonal 1/4″ bit
Height of diamond layer, mm
Purpose (material)
Stone, ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble
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