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Diamond cutting bevel disc Dell-tools WDF 115mm. Ceramic, PVC

Diamond cutting bevel disc Dell-tools WDF 115mm. Ceramic, PVC

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You are purchasing an innovative new product for civil engineers, landscaping builders and plumbers - the cutting and chamfering disc. Cutting and chamfering in one operation - the previously tedious and time-consuming filing or rasping of the cut edge is no longer necessary! Diameter 115 mm! This washer is designed for plastic pipes such as KG or HT - then this washer is extremely durable! But if there is a fire, this disc can also easily be used to cut and chamfer concrete and clay pipes or cast iron pipes!


  • High profitability
  • Cutting and beveling disc in one
  • Saves the hassle of chamfering the pipe afterwards
  • Very long service life
  • High quality, vacuum brazed cutting edge
  • Diamond coated fiber
  • Automatic guidance with very smooth running
  • Integrated cutting depth stop
  • Flange reinforced on the back
  • Self-cooling
  • Perforated stem leaf optimally dissipates the resulting heat

quick – easy – extremely durable

Technical data
Diameter, mm
Bore diameter, mm
Diamond layer thickness, mm
Height of diamond layer, mm
Width of diamond layer, mm
Speed, rpm/min
Purpose (material)
Ceramic, PVC
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