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Diamond cutting/chamfering disc Dell-tools 115mm-180mm. Ceramic, PVC

Diamond cutting/chamfering disc Dell-tools 115mm-180mm. Ceramic, PVC

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You are buying an innovative new product for civil engineers, landscape gardeners and plumbers - the cutting and chamfering disc. Cutting and chamfering in one operation - the previously laborious and time-consuming filing or rasping of the cutting edge is no longer necessary! Diameter 115, 125, 150, 180 mm! This disc is designed for plastic pipes such as KG or HT - so this disc is extremely durable! But if you need to, this disc can also be used without any problem for cutting and chamfering concrete and clay pipes or cast iron pipes!


  • High profitability
  • Cutting and chamfering disc in one
  • Saves the laborious task of chamfering the pipe afterwards
  • Very long service life
  • High-quality, vacuum-brazed cutting edge
  • Diamond coated chamfering
  • Automatic guidance with high smoothness
  • Integrated cutting depth stop
  • Rear reinforced flange
  • Self-cooling
  • Perforated blade optimally transports heat away

fast – easy – extremely durable

Technical data
Diameter, mm
Bore diameter, mm
Thickness of diamond layer, mm
Height of diamond layer, mm
Width of diamond layer, mm
Speed, rpm
Purpose (material)
Ceramic, PVC
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